News of the world.
E reading.
The ebook "the alternative workbook — or how to pimp your practice room" written in english is out. It´s not just an translation of the paper book version, nope. Moses added sound examples, wrote new chapters and invited gordon raphael to write, too.
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10.09.2014 Images
Body moving.
For the first time ben worked together with the physicist marcus doering, who refines and distributes a realtime tracking and mapping system for projections, which works for moving bodies. The result, named as "resonant grid", can be examined at the exhibition "photography playground" in cologne till october 5th. By moving your body, you create sound and projections.
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Chair sitting.
At opera/theatre in bremen. musical hair remixed, with warren suicide including bremen philharmonic orchestra, 150-people choir, ballet dancer, actors, singers...
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Jet sit.
Ben almost finished songwriting for the fraktus theatre-play together with t.raumschmiere. Premiere mai 3rd at thalia theatre in hamburg. The play continues, where the movie ends.
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Jet set.
The main production part of the the first solo album of the yello member dieter meier is done. It is produced by nackt, t.raumschmiere and ben at chez cherie. The release might be in spring 2014 and will be named out of chaos.
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Through the cities.
Last chance for watching theatre play "nostalghia" at central- theater leipzig and "sausen der welt" at schauspiel koeln. Nostalghia is a theatre adaption of the russian director andrei arsenyevich tarkovsky. Whereas the play "sausen der welt" was written by peter licht, composed and performed by ben with the string theory members maecki harmann an slin tegen.
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Over cities of fear.
Turbostaat new album "stadt der angst" is relased. Moses produced and recorded it in hamburgs "clouds hill studios" and Philsen mixed it at transporterraum. artwork was made by Julia Hoppen.
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White clouds.
After finishing the extensive devils walk tour with apparat at berghain in berlin, ben already started to write for theatre.
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Through violet clouds.
The krauts have produced an EP with miss platnum, marteria and yasha, philsen did mixing.

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Seeing floods from above.
Philsen is finishing mixing joachim witts upcoming album.
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27.04.2012 Images
View of the mountains.
In hamburg casper recorded a live dvd. it is being mixed by philsen.
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01.02.2012 Images
But not to berlin.
Kraftklubs debut album "mit k", produced by philsen at transporterraum, made it to number one in the deutsche album charts!
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16.01.2012 Images
To the doctors.
Die ärzte, deutsche legends of punkmusik. philsen finished mixing their next studio album "auch".
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15.01.2012 Images
Across the dyke.
Deichkind´s upcoming album "befehl von ganz unten" is getting some mixes by philsen.
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Travelling by helicopter.
Want to have an exclusiv view over berlin? but you don´t want to go there? just like kraftklub? check out the video..
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09.08.2011 Images
Next stop: rehearsal room.
For all, who care about making music, rather than reading formulas. moses schneider has released the small book "das etwas andere handbuch oder how to pimp my uebungsraum", a plug-and-play-guide for band recordings in a rehearsal room. the cd-sized book comes with a loads of simple and practical hints which go far beyond the usual recording methods. it´s written in german, there will be an english version later.
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08.08.2011 Images
After 8 month of recording & arranging at chez cherie, transporterraum and with torsten, moses & ben, mixing at hansa by michael ilbert, the new album of julia marcell "june" is ready to spread the world this autumn. the single "matrioszka" is already on air.
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KIZ and philsen are proud: the new album "urlaub für´s gehirn" is out in stores!
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17.05.2011 Images
Philsen is producing kraftklubs debut album "mit k" for universal-music.
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Next week philsen will go to to chemnitz and spend some time in kraftklub´s rehearsal room...
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Spending some days in the recording booth with olli schulz.
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Beatsteaks´ new baby "boom box" on #1 in german album charts. it´s the second top-entry of moses as a producer after tocotronics "schall & wahn" last year.
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Philsen is tracking stuff for the new k.i.z album. loads of work...
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Bu & sy.
Just busy...beatsteaks, warren suicide, mega mega, olli schulz, astrid north, string theory and other kinds of music for children.
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Philsen has finished mixing marterias album "zum glück in die zukunft" for "the krauts". it will appear on "for music.
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Smör & bröd.
The recent record release concert of the göteborg string theory at the big concert hall will be broadcasted at swedish radio station p3 at wendsday may 26th. you can also listen to it online on the radio´s website. there will be broadcasts in germany and other countries later.
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Salt & vinegar.
Moses & ben were asked by the krauts to put some secret ingredients into a couple of tunes of marteria.
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Beats & burgers.
The beatsteaks have already started beating and eating at chez cherie.
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Gagatronic 2010.
Lady gaga was kicked off the top by tocotronic. with the recent tocotronic album release "schall und wahn", the first transporterraum production reached #1 of the german album charts.
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...moses and philsen finished the mixes on dendemann´s upcoming album after ben did programings of death on the tracks.
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Second half...
...of the sessions with dendemann are done at chez cherie. live recordings included raps and instrumentals.
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First mixes...
...of the next tocotronic album are done by michael ilbert at hansa studios berlin.
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First time.
Tilman has mixed the new album of smith&smart at transporterraum.
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First half...
...of tocotronic´s album production is done.
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German electro act "northern lite" getting their upcoming album mixed by philsen. watch out..
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After the great success last year in berlin, the berlin string theory is invited to organise and perform the göteborg string theory in sweden. the recordings with bands, songwriter and musicians from goeteborg are going to happen in june. you can listen to the rehearsals in realtime from tuesday (june 9) to friday (june 12) from 1000 to 2200 (cet). the most of the arrangements are already done by slin, nackt & ben.
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The ohrbooten recorded their album with moses, tilman & rico at chez cherie. the mixes are done by philsen at transporterraum.
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Miss Platnums new single, again produced by the incredible krauts is on it´s way. philsen has mixed it in the transporterraum.
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Muff potter release their 7th album "gute aussicht" on their own label huck´s plattenkiste. recorded and mixed by torsten otto together with nikolai potthoff.
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First mixes are done. dennis lisk by torsten otto, astrid north by philipp hoppen.
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Musica lingua.
Heroes of the german language, dendemann & fehlfarben, went to transporterraum to write lyrics for new songs independently.
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Musica mixa.
Torsten finishes mixing on new muff potter album "gute aussicht".
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Musica mista.
Moses has remixed a fantastische(n) vier cover song, performed by fehlfarben.
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Rematar algo.
Philsen is mixing the ja,panik tracks at transporterraum.
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Torsten enters studio with muffpotter in hamburg.
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Moses has produced the austrian band ja,panik at chez cherie.
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Quattro corde.
Ben has written string arrangements for astrid north. the recording was done by tilman hopf at tempelton studio in berlin.
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Alea iacta est.
The album recordings of olli schulz are done, and the basics of dennis lisk are almost done.
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Boomy gamble.
The boombaker live concert in berlin´s lido was recorded by moses & tilman hopf.
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Monkey game.
Moses has recorded beats with the "cold steel" drum line, while they were preparing the forthcoming tour with peter fox.
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Western saloon.
Ben was writing arrangements for the string section of the german film orchester babelsberg, playing along with the bosshoss.
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Contest poker.
Dennis lisk (denyo) & band started the game with moses. first round was supported by torsten (mix,rec), rico (rec) & pc (str-arr) at tritonus, transporterraum & chez cherie.
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A straight.
Moses was teaching fehlfarben to jam at chez cherie, while torsten was recording it with the help of rico spitzner.
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In one week, olli schulz performed new songs at chez cherie, which were recorded by rico spitzner & tilman hopf, supported by the exclusive joker session band with nackt on guitar, ghost on piano (both warren suicide), moses on bass and ben on drums.
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25.07.2008 Images
With the first use of rico spitzner´s "smokehead", meanwhile known as "the largest microphone in the world", the transporterraum team starts album recordings of german thrash metal knights kreator. here on video , while recording vocals on a cover song with guests.
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Songs of barbara panther & laing were recorded in two 5-days-live-sessions at chez cherie.
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Torsten finishes co-production on forthcoming tomte album. together with tobias kuhn he produced the band in berlin and hamburg.
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Ttttt patch cable.
The t-connections of the last weeks via transporterraum-adapter:
tomte album recordings by torsten, edits by ben.
tele album recordings,
t.raumschmiere vocal production feat. gene serene & barbara panther,
tocotronic album preparations by moses.
theatre music in "the wonderful world of dissozia" at theater in mitte by ben.
the first two t´s were mainly recorded at chez cherie,
the third & fourth at
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Natural vocal compression.
Dendemann´s single production has been finished with ben & moses, and it is abersowasvon fat.
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Natural vocal distortion.
Moses mixed some recordings of safi.
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Auxilliary bus.
Drum recordings of missplatnum album at fuzz factory by moses.
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Mix bus.
Moses has almost finished the mixes of t.raumschmiere album.
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Tour bus.
The beatsteaks live dvd/cd is in preparation.
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Grunge sportcars.
Die gruppe sport, as some call them, are about to finish mixing on their third album with torsten at hinterzimmer, his small alternative mixingroom. also together with torsten, the band recordings took place at tonhotel in hamburg earlier this year.
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After bringing four not-mainstream bands into the charts last year, moses has been nominated for the german music-business-award "echo" for the second time.
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Oil-free carriages.
After starting the new year with a sold-out concert by the berlin string theory, the sound of a string quartet is still present at transporterraum. the polish songwriter julia marcell with her band came to berlin for album production at chez cherie (recordings) & transporterraum (mix).
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Monster truck.
T.raumschmiere drum recordings at chez cherie & transporterraum were completed with ben on drums & moses behind the desk.
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Moses and torsten recorded the band kettcar at chez cherie. the session was completed at transporterraum later.
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Ben has done sound-design and six-channel mix for the exhibition "coop himmelb(l)au. beyond the blue" at austrian museum of applied arts & contemporary art in vienna. the team coop himmelb(l)au is the rock band in the world of architecture.
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Ben remixed a song of oomph to be used in dark rooms.
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New buildings.
Mediengruppe telekommander left some new songs for further construction.
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Swedish houses.
Torsten records some tracks for the new album of swedish artist thåström at tritonus.
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Virtual stage assembly.
Moses has mixed some tocotronic live concerts for home theatre.
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Basement remodeling.
Transporterraum changed into construction zone for one week, when basement jaxx asked moses & ben for special skills in dry mortarless construction, with laing as special guests on vocals.
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Easting minds.
The american-british duo coloma were rebuilding bridges between wild-west and old europe at transporterraum.
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Northing beats.
Moses & ben started producing a few tracks with astrid north.
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Providing dirt.
Ben scrambled, distorted and synthesized some sounds for the next living things album, which is produced by michael ilbert.
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Keeping anger.
Moses mixed some enraged recordings of the jolly goods.
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Enduring storm.
With the charts entry of turbostaat´s vormann leiss, a moses-schneider-album-production reached the charts for the 4th time in a row this year. the other albums are limbo messiah, kapitulation and babylon bei boot.
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Local sweating.
How teardrops on the dancefloor turned into beads of perspiration was demonstrated by the drumming ben, who was locked in the booth, while justine electra and moses were sitting in the control room, next to an open window and oxygen.
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Global raining.
Because of the disturbance in the atmosphere, it was only possible for moses to record vocals on a noisy ground. the singer of the band chung, a former member of the band party diktator, doesn´t care.
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Summer of consequences.
Dendemann was performing a song with the beatsteaks.
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Summer of dada.
Gene serene was singing on a fakulator track.
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Summer of strings
More than a dozen of berlin singers/bands were invited by nackt & ben perform a song with a string quartett. the berlin string therory was born. at the same time, party-arty-painters created pictures. the three-days-recording-session ended up in the signal party volume 2, were the most of the string-arrangements were played the first time in public. the performers are: beatbox eliot, bdm, dirk von lowtzow, elke brauweiler, gina d´orio, gods of blitz, klaus cornfield, laing, nader, nylon, pitchtuner, quarks, sm elektrik, soffy o. ,susie van der meer, viktoriapark, warren suicide, yaneq.
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Summer game.
"Select your fighter" were recording vocals with moses.
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Summer gone.
Music left. moses mixed some songs of jens friebe, produced by berend intelmann.
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Summer found.
Moses mixed the live recordings of the first big festivals, the beatsteaks were playing this summer.
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Looking for seasons.
While rob taylor & alex paulick alias coloma were philosophizing about time & seasons in the booth, ben pressed the record button.
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Coal mining.
The less air & light, the better the extraction. the band umlauf was sweating in the booth, too. the procedure was supervised by moses.
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Lights in the dark.
Ben was still working underground to add some low-end on vinterkint´s track city lights.
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Rough diamond.
While experimenting with temperatur and pressure conditions for diamond production in the booth, the first rough recordings and live preparations with laing happened there.
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While beatsteaks album "limbo messiah" reached top-ten in germany and austria, the preparations for the next single are in full activity.
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On our exploration through "raumundzeit", album production of flensburg hardcore/punk band turbostaat begun last weekend at chez cherie. the installation of the biggest taperecorder, produced by moses schneider and captured by torsten otto ended successfully and starts flying around our ears. finally benson arrives.
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Ohrbooten album completed, produced by tillmann & moses, mixed by philsen at tritonus.
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Tocotronic album completed. recorded at chez cherie mostly last year. it was finally mixed by michael ilbert at tritonus. it didn´t take a long time, it was more like the aging process of a whisky, which may fit to some hamburgers.
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After finish mixing on kantes "kante plays rhythmus berlin", torsten started production on berlin band attacke royal. torsten will record attacke royal at chez cherie, and his own small place during spring 2007.
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Roast meal.
Beatsteaks album production "limbo messiah completed, mixed by pete schmidt and mastered by andy jung.
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Moses finished the basic-recordings of ohrbooten in almost seven days at tritonus.
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Last call for beer...
Was nobody yelling, but last call for disco was blaring out of the transporterraum speakers the last days. in collaboration with motor fm radio, moses produced a song of the band with help from ben & michael tibes.
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Torsten records kante on an interim album "kante spielt rhythmus berlin". their musical interpretation of peter thiessens´ lyrics, he wrote for berlin friedrichstadtpalast revue "rhythmus berlin".
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During the holidays, moses locked the doors and mixed a mad sin live-recording, performed at henry fonda theater in hollywood - los angeles 2006.
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Getting mixed.
Just before christmas, philsen and torsten finish albummix for gods of blitz follow up album "reporting a mirage".
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Getting shaked.
Benson remixed a song of seeed singer demba for his boundzound solo album.
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Getting spiced.
The first part of the beatsteaks mixing session with peter schmidt has started at ballhaus studio.
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Getting cooked.
After two weeks of recording the beatsteaks instrumentals in hamburg, the vocal session started at transporterraum.
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School sandwiches.
Benson recorded a children choir on a john lennon cover, performed by the puppetmastaz. the song wil appear on an amnesty international charity compilation. you can watch the making-of here.
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Blitz burger.
Recording session for the new gods of blitz album started at k4 today.
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Meat balls.
Beatsteaks recording session has started. you can read a diary at the band´s website.
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In between recording tocotronic and beatsteaks, torsten started preproduction on new gods of blitz album, featuring swedens ludwig böss on additional arrangements.
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Die happys current single "wanne be your girl" was released on friday 13th, preluding the forthcoming album "no nuts no glory", produced by torsten this summer.
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Mush heads.
The first part of the new tocotronic recordings has been completed at chez cherie studio, including support from moses, torsten, ben & thomas maringer.
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The complete fehlfarben album was listened contentedly at transporterraum.
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Moses recorded skin on vocals. she was performing a duet with demba (seeed) for the next boundzound release.
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Delayed, not late.
Moses continued work with katze by producing vocals on new tunes, they recorded a few weeks ago at chez cherie. at the same time ben collaborated with beatsteaks and re-arranged jan delay´s version of rio reiser´s song "für immer und dich".
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Moses produced a single in advance with ohrbooten at transporterraum and tritonus. they still fine-tune their songs for the later-starting album production.
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Checkered music.
Swen meyer has finished mixing the album of olli schulz & der hund marie at ballhaus studio in berlin. also olli´s single du hast da was is available now on cd, which has already reached #1 at german campus charts.
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Wrong colours.
Moses started mixing a few songs of the band fehlfarben at transporterraum.
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Bright and dark.
Ben did the music for a short film, directed by stephanie von beauvais. she has done music videos for such bands like tocotronic and kante before.
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High and low.
Twelve strings and one tuba has been recorded at gaga studio hamburg for the olli schulz production. conducted by jan dvorac, recorded by marc schettler & moses. the score was painted by ben.
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A much higher voice.
Moses recorded new tracks with the sheffield "gerl" sarah maguire. her music was preproduced by gordon raphael. and she invited tom (index) on drums and pc (warren suicide) on guitars.
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Rough voice.
Torsten has finished the album production of die happy. it was mixed by philsen at tritonus.
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Voices are high.
The singers of wir sind helden (judith holofernes) & the beatsteaks (arnim teutoburg-weiss) accepted the invitation for singing backround vocals on one of olli schulz´ songs.
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Press doesn´t lie.
Kante´s new cd die tiere sind unruhig is the the album of the month in musikexpress and visions.
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If you can´t wait.
The fourthcoming single of olli schulz & der hund marie was finished tonight. you can listen to the song on olli´s myspace site, before it appears on radio.
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Billions of viewer can´t fail.
The fifa world cup closing ceremony 2006 in berlin was musically supported by shakira, wyclef jean, placido domingo and (known as the drummers) transporterraum with their friends from mars & sonnenallee.
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Music, don´t stop.
While producing "die happy" at tritonus, torsten provided a small amount of his time to support ben on a coproduction with "ich & ich" by recording drums. pc layered guitars at chez cherie studio. during that time moses and beatsteaks were still working out new songs at rehearsal room.
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Dogs can´t sleep.
Der hund marie alias max schröder was using the break of the olli schulz session to spend some days with swen meyer at transporterraum.
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No midi message.
A quick vocal session was held by the singer of the band madsen, which was invited by jakob ilja friderichs (element of crime) to contribute a song for a movie, he is working on. the session was recorded by ben.
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Sport message.
Torsten finishes mixes on the 2nd album of the band sport from hamburg at loktownstudio, hamburg.
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It´s time to have a refreshment. olli schulz made a funny cover version of bela b´s "1.2.3.", which comprehends physical exercises on saxophon by moses and on drums by ben.
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A successfully, spontanously organized party with a loads of international and local guests took place in a basement in berlin-kreuzberg (incl. many transporterraum-possie acts). the cause of the festival is the party-arty-gallery exhibition of ziska & cherie till 16th of june, where you can see colorful comic paintings and listen to some self-generated transporterraum bleebs.
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End of session.
Michael ilbert has finished mixing bosse´s album at tritonus, which was assisted by moses & torsten.
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Olli schulz & der hund marie moved to chez cherie studio, to jam in a big room. the recordings were sonically adjusted by torsten otto, while moses cared about the arrangements. drum & coffee tunings were completed by ben.
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Recording session with olli schulz & der hund marie (incl. band) has started at transporterraum.
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Moses and torsten recorded bosse at gaga studio hamburg.
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Moses & ben recorded the warren suicide show at neighbourhood in london, the club is previously known as subterrania. well-supported and well-equipped they spent a long night in uk.
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Moses was having the first listenings at the rehearsal rooms of the beatsteaks and bosse. also, the sketches of tocotronic´s dirk von lowtzow speak volumes.
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Finish & start.
While finishing album of mediengruppe telekommander and kante, olli schulz & der hund marie already start recordings.
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Miss & miss.
Miss queen of war & gordon came to record dirty vocals. miss soffy o & multi-instrumentalist manne came to work on a dirty version of her next single.
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Recordings to mix.
While torsten was recording the girls band "good heart boutique" at popschutz studio, michael ilbert improved the sound of bosse and kante at tritonus studio.
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Shift to shift.
Vocal production at day time with kante & moses, at night time with nitro17 & ben.
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Tempo with tempeau.
After recording the bosse single, torsten took all his stuff and beamed to hamburg, to do the album mix of the forthcoming album "kein weg zurück" of the band tempeau.
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Noise from the irritated.
Moses and torsten have recorded the new single of the band bosse at studio wong.
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No signals from underworld.
The remix of warren suicide´s "signal", was crafted by ben, nackt & ghost. the band still got no signal from its singer lucky.
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Sound of the bats.
We´ve catched a message from behind the curtain via ultrasonic echolot. it said, "gott ist ein popstar", and was sent from oomph and remixed by ben.
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Songs from the sea.
In comparison to mountaineers, coast dwellers like to explore the world by boat. that´s why, the band kante has choosen admiral moses, captain torsten and lieutenant alex to lead the band through the next album. band and crew brought a lot of equipment on boat, which is called "chez cherie", a berlin-located studio. we recieved a message in a bottle, they saved precious treasures and adventures so far.
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Kastratus alpini.
People from the mountains developed special methods of long-distance communication. in the alps, they invented yodeling for this, but this artform is nearly vanished and is only used by a small amount of musicians in the field of volksmusik. mediengruppe telekommander don´t perform volksmusik, they cry for the second album.
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Fauna sonora.
Nightingale bobo transfered her voice and other sounds to moses. olli schulz`es dogs and winsons dropped by to send some smart advices for the future over the radio. and teddy bear tex morton left his mark on nitro17´s guitar tracks.
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Flora musica.
While touring with madrugada, botanica used the opportunity to record new tracks with moses on their off-days in europe. the band was recorded at mamasweed, violin and vocals at transporterraum.
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It seeems, the cat turns into a panther. moses is recording a groovy new song of katze at transporterraum.
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Torsten produces cover version of wham´s "last christmas" together with the band el*ke at studio wong for radio fritz.
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Moses has been invited to guide a masterclass for popular music in arranging and recording at popcamp 2005 germany. in the meantime, ben and mediengruppe telekommander established a round of talks in systems, trends and all the world and his brother.
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Two new club songs with pitchtuner has been recorded and arranged at transporterraum. they gonna be mixed by patti mayor this weekend.
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After a year of activity, transporterraum finished viktoriapark production. the last weeks moses, ben and tobi were engaged in revealing forgotten songs and adding them to the song collection.
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The tiny recording booth is ultimately band-proofed. the incident was witnessed by doc schoko & band and moses.
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Punchy drum recordings for mediengruppe telekommander on five songs in the booth. moses was turning the knobs, while ben hit the skins.
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No entries in the news section does not mean, transporterraum was lazy. it was action round-the-clock. while working on menue music for the beatsteaks-double-dvd the last four weeks, the first songs with umlauf, nitro 17 & generation fuck were finshed to listen.
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Moses recorded basic tracks of the rock´n´roll band nitro 17 at mamasweed studio.
Up to the top.
Moses recorded new songs with generation fuck at former peppermint park studio in hanover.
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Glow worm.
Alan sommerville and ben lightened the cave of dark techno by finishing a tumblesnapper track for zuvuya recordings chicago.
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Tiny elephant.
Calexico´s trumpet player martin wenk has tooted some tones on some viktoriapark tunes.
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Wild rats.
After recording the band umlauf at mamasweed basement studio on the last weekend, moses continued mixing the session.
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Early bird.
Altough, its quite a long time till the next tocotronic album will be released, dirk von lowtzow and moses met the third time to keep song ideas for the next album.
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Hot pics.
Ben wrote a few tiny music bits for the almost finished beatsteaks dvd.
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June is sparklin in september.
Torsten took off to malmö/sweden to record dänish band "sparklin june" at varispeed studios. produced by former "ray wonder" member ludwig böss, the recording will be mixed by michael ilbert.
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Electrocking summer.
After finishing additional production on a warren suicide track for the forthcoming album release by recording cherie´s vocals and playing drums, benson jumped into the airplane to drum three t.raumschmiere shows in england.
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The dig up in music.
Tumblesnapper alias alan sommerville and ben remixed a track of jay denham into deep and funky techno.
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The dog called marie.
After successful cat care, olli schulz brought his dog marie to moses. they produced together with winson three b-side tracks for the single "jetzt gerade bist du gut".
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Crosshill underground.
Sometimes its nice to have a doener. but its more special to get koefte coming and let him bring some particular ingredients to have them cooked by mix master moses.
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Alani hoff put his remix of the duo slope into care of ben.
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Prepared some further songs of viktoriapark to let them be mixed by peter schmidt at the former teldec studios.
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Finished the single of katze "der brief" including a remix, immo explained why hiphop is so much cooler than dirty punkrock. btw the katze album reached top five at the german itunes alternative charts. punk seems not this dead.
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Yaneq and klarbautermann disclosed some faults in character with their song "wasser und wein", supported by moses.
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Electrocute played with their teddy at transporterraum. the sound is recorded and mixed by moses, who did an mix of kalina´s song too. both songs come out on a teenage compilation "bleib gold maedchen" ziska produces.
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The beatsteaks have been snuffling the smell of a studio again. it was the first studio appearance after the recordings of the smack smash album. the brief session took place at studio wong.
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Moses, torsten und ben maintained a four-song-one-room live recording of the trio pitchtuner at mamasweed studio.
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The singer naima visited transporterraum to have her demo mixed.
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Blitz debut.
Torsten finishes debut album production of berlin rockband "gods of blitz". the usual suspects took part in the production with gordon raphael on vocal security and michael ilbert on the mix. the album was mastered by michael schwabe. four music will release the album called "stolen horse" in september this year, exactely one year after the band has formed.
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Blitzkriegpop over europe.
Ben is playing drums with t.raumschmiere temporarily. berlin and switzerland in june, france in july, england in august.
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A girls trip to berlin.
Moses and torsten recorded the band good heart boutique at mamasweed last week. the mixing session was finished at a quite giggling transporterraum.
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Herr raphael in berlin.
Having attended the super party this winter at planet rock studios nalepastrasse i met 2 superior bands from berlin- super 700 and husky stash, and am now involved in some pretty tasty recordings of both groups. a fabulous introduction to european musikal artwerk- plus tons of fun werking with both bands. i moved to kreuzberg to be close to my friends at transporterraum, little geniuses all of those folks, alot of talent and super-thinking all in one place- for real! more of my stories are on in the articles i regularly write there, and also on alan mcgee´s website called in his interviews section.
peace and tube screamers-
herr gordon raphael
ps- welcome sarah maguire to deutschland, she moved here from london to sing and make songs, and is currently working with christian neander;super songwriter! thank you
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Riding on the mini beat.
The trio minibeatclub was mixed by moses at transporterraum, while ben made some musical edits. the live recordings took place at mamasweed studio in two days.
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Imagine, you are swimming alomost weightlessly in warm, salty water, watching strange reflections on the ceiling and listening to sound through the water-built-in speakers. wow. at the soundintransition event on june 7th you could hear many unreleased tracks of the transporterraum in this extraordinary enviroment at liquidrom in berlin.
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Here comes the doc.
Doc schoko´s horse stopped at transporterraum to get some fresh water, while the owner had to drink tea for keeping the voice in a good condition and to bring the mixes back home.
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Hear and look and rock.
Moses is mixing beatsteaks live tour recordings made by tom koerbler (live sound engineer). it will be part of a beatsteaks dvd.
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Ready to listen.
The ohrbooten production is finished already, mixed by peter schmidt at tritonus and mastered by michael schwabe at monoposto.
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Go to see.
The transporterraum production website has been launched.
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No m.c.
Benson finished a digital hardcore remix of warren suicide´s new single "i know you" for fume records london.
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Moses has been nominated for the echo music award 2005 (deutscher musikpreis) in the categorie best producer. although the price will given to the most selling people, the nomination exemplifies, it´s worth to produce quality.
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House of vinyl.
Moses mixed three new tolcha tracks. they will be released on 12inch.
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House of party.
There are so many reasons for party. the mixes of spitting off tall buildings (done by michael ilbert at fuzz factory) and the basic recordings of ohrbooten (by moses and torsten at tritonus) are finished.
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House of music.
Moses and torsten are recording ohrbooten at tritonus. one floor below michael ilbert is mixing spitting of tall buildings at fuzzfactory, where gordon keeps an ear on that, too. olli is preparing score for a new movie and ben is writing holy music for droogies at transporterraum level. right right right.
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On art.
The electroacoustic piece "indonesia II" for headphones is the result of a collaboration between benson and the artist jorinde voigt. jorinde made 12 graphics on paper, which are based on hear experiences. she asked musicians to reverse the process and make sound from pictures. bensons composition is about eight minutes long and has the same name like the pictures. "indonesia II" is audible on cd (art edition) and sound installation.
26th march - 18th april 2004 at ipeg.
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The baby`s name.
Transporterraum production is officially declared.
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The madam points.
Paula vocal recordings with elke and moses.
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The clock works.
Starting preparations for a clockwork orange theatre production with robert beckmann (inchtabokatables), kurt schmidt (sun, twelve drummers drumming) and ben. the play is directed by sascha hawemann. premiere on april 1st at opera house in magdeburg.
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It´s international(e).
Duesseldorf meets hamburg in berlin. dirk von lowtzow was contributing a song for the "neue deutsche welle" band fehlfarben.
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On top.
Coming from mamasweed basement studio, where moses and torsten did the band recordings, spitting off tall buildings reached the second floor at transporterraum and finished vocals with support from the new berliner gordon raphael. ready to attain the roof to spit.
Up to the top.
Tocotronic on 3rd position of german album top-ten charts.
tri-boys (moses, torsten, ben) and top-girl (ines) went to party in hamburg,
where 3 tocos were dj-ing top songs all night long.
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Miauuuauuu aua.
Michael ilbert mixed katze at mashinenraum (fuzz factory) with advice from moses, while benson was finishing string arrangements for viktoria park, played by elke & anke brauweiler and ariane voigt.
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Moses mixed the new single of nachlader.
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Have a break - have a kit katze.
The rest of the recordings of katze were finished at transporterraum, ready to be mixed by ...
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Tv I.
Nina hagen was singing a new punky version of her old hit "tv-glotzer" at transporterraum for a new tv show; with a special appearance of the transportreraum boys choir.
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Tv II.
The beatsteaks were voted for the best german act at the mtv europe music awards in rome.
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Tom & jerry.
Moses and torsten finished recordings with the punk trio "katze" at mamasweed studio.
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Transporterraum mixed the radio single of warren suicide´s "warrens lover".
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The beatsteaks album "smacksmash" went gold in germany. it sold more than 100.000 copies. gordon raphael took a short break from the strokes recordings in new york to recieve the shiny cd at the celebration. torsten, moses and ben got one, too. thanks.
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Moses produced the band recordings with mamasweed at mamasweed studio. mamasweed also appeared at wim wender`s movie "land of plenty".
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The new york based artist cassis (b-blush) finished her recordings for the movie "die boxerin" (directed by catharina deus) at transporterraum, including sessions with nikko weidemann and the girl choir of waldorfschule potsdam, which took place in a church in potsdam. transporterraum supported in mixing, drumming and composing for the boxing scene, too. the bass was played by herbie flowers, who is the original double bass player of lou reed`s "walk on the wild side". cassis was nominated for an oscar in 2004 for having the idea of the documentary "ferry tales".
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Oliver biehler was voted for the german tv award (deutscher fernsehpreis) in the category best music.
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Benson wrote a 15-minutes piece of sound deconstruction for two loudspeakers. it was meant to be an opener for the oasis dance ensemble (oriental motion tour).
world premiere took place in weilheim.
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Girl and boy.
Start of recordings with the band viktoriapark for a new album.
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Transporterraum contribute a song for the soundtrack of the berlin-based hiphop movie "status yo". yaneq on raps and vocals, pc christensen on guitar, moses on bass and ben on drums. yo. pc wrote some music for the wim wenders movie "land of plenty", benson drummed on the soundtrack.
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The third single of beatsteak´s smacksmash album was finished at transporterraum, including some special cover songs.
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Moses went to puk studios in denmark to have the new tocotronic songs mixed by michael ilbert. while moses was looking for some cows in the huge and plain european gras desert, michael added the taste of swedish honey to the album.
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Peter licht and transporterraum worked together on some songs. rhodes and drums recordings has happened at mamasweed, the rest at transporterraum or at home.
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Moses and ben produced a radio edit and a remix of warren suicide´s next single.
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Further berend recordings were done at mamasweed studio with moses.
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The second part of the tocotronic recording session was finished at soundgarden studio hamburg. transporterraum turned up with the big team: torsten, benson and moses.
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Oren lavie, a songwriter from tel aviv, brought some delicate songs into the transporterraum to record vocals and mix them with moses. the songs were prepared by rocco, who formerly ran the b140 studio (now: popschutz) at the old eastern broadcast area in berlin together with fabian.
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Benson remixed a further song of the band oomph. parts of the remix were adopted in the single version.
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European football championchip games can be very boring, when calculating strategy of some teams take over to preserve the status quo. to avoid this moses, olli and ben produced a fan song for the german football team. it was written and performed by the band frameless, supported by andy jung (mastering) and olsen involtini (special goal advice), who are both a part of the seeed football-team.
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Bruder & kronstaedter´s next single "probably yeah" incl. 3 remixes of elektro lassy, dj shirkhan and dj hype was mixed at the transporterraum
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Transporterraum is producing the new tocotronic album. basics are recorded at mamasweed, vocals at mushroom. the first recordings were finished much earlier than expected. moses and torsten could go on holiday.
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When mediengruppe telekommander played on their record release party at bastard in berlin, a lot of cameras took pictures for a video, while moses an ben recorded the audio on laptop for future use.
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Moses was helping out spitting off tall buildings in studio. the pretty singer of the punk band is the german mtv-girl and actress jana palaske.
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Two remixes with a different approach were finished by benson in the last weeks: pale´s "lucky thing" and oomph!´s "brennende liebe".
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Cpt. spacesex was guest in transporterraum to produce the piece "pornglam" with benson.
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Slamming beats.
Transporterraum remixed berlin´s elktroweirdos "warren suicide" (fume records london). the mix was done by alan sommerville and benson.
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Tricky beats.
Swiss elektronerd rené desalmand let us mix his forthcoming album.
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Beatsteaks single.
The beatsteaks` 2nd single "i don´t care as long as you sing" from their new album "smacksmash" was produced at tritonus studio and (re)mixed at transporterraum.
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Sexo y droga.
Last mixdown session for "sexo y droga".
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When its cold outside, transporterraum takes a journey into quarksland. Well equipped with oranges, candles, tubes and synthesizers, it sometimes develops more heat than we expected.
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In the mix.
Start of the beatsteaks-mix-session with peter “blackpete” schmidt.
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This time is tocotronic.
Listening to all the brand new tocotronic songs.
Up to the top.
"Transportrraum songs" is the name of the future publishing company, which will force and spread good music all over the world.
as a part of this, there will be relased scores with music of the transporterraum, very soon. it might invite you to play some hausmusik in a tradioditional way. so watch out.
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With a little help.
Beatsteaks recording vocals with a big help of gordon raphael.
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Seeedy monk.
Nightshift with seeed’s enuff recording the english version of the next international seeed single release “waterpumpee”.
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Ich kommander, du kommander.
Mediengruppe telekommander are recording vocals and guitarsound basses for their forthcoming album. they were signed as the very first act by mute germany.
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Halbzeit and still having fun.
The beatsteaks studio tour ended with recording session at the berlin knaack club supported by family and friends – shouting and clapping. a massiv sound!
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Beatsteaks & team logic.
Transporterraum´s team logic joins the beatsteaks studio tour. all studios are based in berlin and were chosen because of their unique acoustics and atmosphere.
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Nina hagen & apocalyptica.
Moses recorded the rammstein song “der seemann” interpreted by nina hagen and apocalyptica at mamasweed studios as a fake “live at the radio” version.
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A-ha ... so-so ... .
Benson was asked to arrange and play some keyboards for the new production of pål waaktaar´s band savoy and to send the files to norway. some people might know pål´s former band a-ha. the bass player of madrugada frode jacobsen produced the new sessions.
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Seeed are working on their forthcoming single "shake it baby". demba recorded his vocal part for the a-side, they also recorded vocals and brass for the b-side called jaja.
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Benson and philipp supreme (mellowbag) wrote a hiphoptrack, which will be used in the german tv-movie "ein krasser deal" in spring 2004.
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Susie van der meer.
Susie van der meer´s second long player "luciferin" was mastered by michael schwabe at monoposto in duesseldorf. the recording started in 1999 and took more than four years to be finished.
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Elke brauweiler.
Paula´s" voice elke brauweiler joined the transporterraum working on a demo called "je ne sais".
Up to the top.
Quarks 4th album "she swan" will be produced by transporterraum. "wir gehen vorbei" is the first song we recorded at jovanka´s bedroom and b-140 rehearsal studio, sonicly destroyed and re-shaked by bensonic.
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Transporterraum goes hollywood?
Jakob friedrich, guitarrist of element of crime wrote the movie trailer for herr lehmann which was mixed at transporterraum. this is the second time for us working with jakob on movie scores.
Up to the top.
Beatsteaks start the pre-production for their next album supported by moses to get ready for the album in autumn.
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Big bang.
The transporterraum site was initialized by moses schneider, ben lauber and webdesigner mark engelhardt.
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