Stephan gottwald.
Stephan a.k.a. lucky loop was one of the first crew members. moses, ben and stephan started their cooperation in 91 as bauknex, producing bobo in white wooden houses and d-base 5. hes the one with the old mini moog, prophet 5 and other analogue dinosaurs.
The discography right at the bottom of this page is only an excerpt of his work.
Date. Artist. Release. Label. Medium.
9999 * legend *
2005 __various bleib gold, maedchen mermer cd
2005 ziska wo hier bitte gehts nach shambhala mermer cd
1996 hamid baroudi mad c.t. mix barbarity/vielklang cd
1995 bobo in white wooden houses cosmic ceiling motor cd
1994 paradocs sics wea cd
1993 d-base 5 gonna make u pay balls records ep